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BattleScribe 2.0

Please remember that BattleScribe 2.0 is now available. Versions 1.15.xx and below are no longer supported. You can download version 2.0 from the downloads page. You will also be able to find downloads for version 1.15.xx there too, should you want to continue using it.

The following help documentation is for version 1.15.xx. The help documentation for version 2.00 can be found here.

Roster Editor

Roster Editor allows you to create and edit rosters for your chosen wargame and army. It will calculate points totals for you and let you know if your chosen roster is valid or not.

Getting Started

The toolbar along the top includes buttons to create a new roster or load an existing one, and to save your roster as a file or as HTML for sharing. In addition there is a print button to print out a hard copy of your roster, and the view roster button which displays your roster as text and offers further printing and output options. The printed roster and text view include a summary of unit profiles and rules for quick reference.

Click the New Roster button to start afresh.

In the New Roster dialogue box, select your game system and catalogue from those available, and enter a points limit and name for the roster. Click the OK button when you're done. The new roster is created and the appropriate game system and catalogue files are loaded.

For example, to create a new 1000pt Imperial Guard roster for Warhammer 40,000:

Selecting Entries

The Available Entries tree on the left side of the UI shows all the entries you can choose from to create your roster. Click an entry and then click the Select Entry button (or double click the entry) to select it for your roster.

Customising Selections

The tree in the center of the UI displays the entries you have selected so far. Clicking a selection in this tree sets it as the current selection.

Above the Current Selections tree are some useful buttons to sort the tree by points or alphabetically which helps you locate the selection you want. There are also buttons to duplicate the current selection and to remove it entirely from the roster.

The current selection can be modified in detail using the controls displayed in the Customise Selection panel on the right hand side of the UI.


The messages list at the bottom displays any problems with your list, for example if you have exceeded your points limit or if you have made too many or too few selections from a certain category. Clicking on a message jumps you to the selection in error.

View Roster

Once you have selected a few entries for your roster, click the View Roster button on the toolbar. This will display your chosen selections as a nice summary including a summary of unit profiles and rules. From here there are further options to customize the text view: you can choose if you want to see the profiles or rules summaries, and whether you want points values included (helpful when posting on the internet where you don't points values to be shown). Clicking the print button here will print your roster including the options you set. Finally, the copy HTML button copies the HTML markup (including CSS) for your roster to the clipboard, where you can then paste it into websites or forums for example. Once again any display options you have selected will be reflected in what HTML is copied.