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BattleScribe 2.0

Please remember that BattleScribe 2.0 is now available. Versions 1.15.xx and below are no longer supported. You can download version 2.0 from the downloads page. You will also be able to find downloads for version 1.15.xx there too, should you want to continue using it.

The following help documentation is for version 1.15.xx. The help documentation for version 2.00 can be found here.

Getting Started

If you're new to BattleScribe, take a look at the following "getting started" guides to help you get up and running as quickly as possible:

Get Started: Desktop
(Windows / Mac / Linux)
Get Started: Mobile
(Android / iOS)

If you're having a problem with BattleScribe, first take a look through the Frequently Asked Questions. You will likely find the answer you are looking for.

For more detailed help on how to use BattleScribe and how to create and share your own data files, read on...


This help documentation is very much a quick tour of the features of BattleScribe's editors. It is not entirely complete and we will be improving these pages as time goes on. If you wish to create game systems and catalogues, it is worthwhile looking at the ones included with BattleScribe for reference. If you have any questions or problems, let us know via the feedback page or subreddit.

Data Files

Before you can create a roster for an army, you need to have the appropriate data files: a game system file (.gst) for the particular wargame you're playing, and a catalogue (.cat) data file for the army you wish to create a roster for. Searching for "BattleScribe data files" can really help you find the files you need.

If you download data files, you can import them in Roster Editor by going to File -> Import Data File. Browse to the file and click Open to import it. It should now be available when creating a new roster. Alternatively, you can place the (unzipped) data files in the catalogues and gamesystems folders in the BattleScribe installation folder

Another way to get data files is via a data file repository. This is a set of data files hosted on the internet somewhere. In Roster Editor, go to File -> Data Repositories. Add the URL of a repository and click Update Data. BattleScribe will import any files it doesn't already have, and get any newer versions of files it does have. Clicking update data at any time will check the repositories for new data files. Data repositories can be easily created with Data Indexer


A roster contains your selections from a particular catalogue, making up your chosen army. It includes the points totals and whether or not your choices are valid according to the catalogue and game system restrictions.

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A catalogue data file contains the various entries available to select when choosing a roster for an army. It also contains details of the restrictions on what you can and cannot select for a roster and under what circumstances. Profiles and special rules can be attached to entries, which are displayed in the roster summary.

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Game Systems

A game system data file contains the categories that units come under and details of the different profile types in the game system. For example in Warhammer 40,000, the categories would be HQ, Troops etc while the profile types would be Infantry, Weapons, Vehicles etc. The categories and profile types are used when creating a catalogue data file or a roster.

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