BattleScribe Army List Creator

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BattleScribe 2.0

Please remember that BattleScribe 2.0 is now available. Versions 1.15.xx and below are no longer supported. You can download version 2.0 from the downloads page. You will also be able to find downloads for version 1.15.xx there too, should you want to continue using it.

The following help documentation is for version 1.15.xx. The help documentation for version 2.00 can be found here.

BattleScribe Mobile

Getting Started

BattleScribe needs data files before you can build an army list. There are two types of data file: Game system files tell BattleScribe about the particular games you play, and catalogue files tell it about specific armies or factions in the game. Unfortunately, due to copyright reasons, data files cannot be included with the software.

The best way to get the data files you need is from a data repository. A data repository is a collection of data files shared on the internet. With the URL of a repository, BattleScribe can automatically download data files and keep them up to date for you. You can find data repositories by searching the internet for "BattleScribe data repository". A data repository URL will look something like this:

Once you have found a data repository URL, copy it by long-clicking the link and choosing copy. Start BattleScribe and click the the Manage Data button on the home screen. Paste your URL into the box provided by long-clicking and choosing paste. Click Add to save your new repository. Finally, click Update Data to download the data files from the repository. After that, you're good to go.

Alternatively, you can manually place them on your SD card in the BattleScribe/gamesystems and BattleScribe/catalogues directories. You must place the unzipped ".gst" or ".cat" files in these directories.

Create a Roster

Now you have some data files, you can create a new army roster. Click New roster on the home screen and enter a name and points limit for your roster (both optional). Choose the game system and army you want to make a roster for and click Create to create your roster.

It may take some time to load the data files - up to 30 seconds or more depending on their contents and how many you have.

Edit Your Roster

You can add units to your roster by clicking the + button for the category the unit comes under. This will show you a list of units you can choose from - click the + button next to a particular unit. to add it.

Click the X button next to a unit to remove it from your roster.

Any selections that are shown with a dark arrow to their left can be edited further - for example to specify thier upgrades or equipment. Clicking the selection takes you to the unit's details, where additional selections can be made for it.

Tap a selection with this icon to edit it. The back key will return you to the previous selection.

Editing a Selection

The entries available to be chosen for your selection are listed. Click the button to the right of an entry to select/deselect it. Any entries that have been selected are shown in bold. As before, any selections shown with a dark arrow to their left can be further edited by clicking on them.

The Menu

Clicking the menu button in the top right corner (or pressing the menu key) will show further options - for example saving your roster, editing it's name and points limit or viewing it as a readable list. Clicking the share option allows you to send your roster to a friend via email, bluetooth etc.

The exclamation mark button will turn red if your roster has problems (for example if it's over the points limit). Click the button to view a list of errors. Clicking a particular error will take you to the selection that is at fault.

Viewing the roster displays the whole roster in a readable way. Pressing the menu key here allows you to copy the roster as HTML, text or other formats. You can also share the roster text via email, messaging or other means.