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BattleScribe 2.0

Please remember that BattleScribe 2.0 is now available. Versions 1.15.xx and below are no longer supported. You can download version 2.0 from the downloads page. You will also be able to find downloads for version 1.15.xx there too, should you want to continue using it.

The following help documentation is for version 1.15.xx. The help documentation for version 2.00 can be found here.

Getting Started - Mobile

This guide is to help get you up and running with BattleScribe as quickly as possible. If you have any problems or questions, let us know on the BattleScribe subreddit.

  1. Find some data files
  2. Click a repository link or email attachment
  3. Choose BattleScribe to open the link or email attachment
  4. Wait for the data files to download
  5. Create an army list


Help! It didn't work!

Step 1: Find Some Data Files

To be able to create an army list for a particular army or faction in a particular game system, BattleScribe needs the appropriate data files for them. BattleScribe can download data files for you from a data file repository - a collection of data files shared on the Internet or sent to you by email.

You can add repositories to BattleScribe by asking a friend to send you their data, or you can find some yourself by searching the Internet for "BattleScribe data files".

Find Me Some Data Files

Note: Due to legal reasons, BattleScribe does not create, maintain or distribute data files itself. All data files are created and shared by the community. If you find a problem with a data file (e.g. wrong points, missing upgrades...) you should contact it's author.

Step 2: Click A Repository Link Or Email Attachment

If you received a repository by email, just open the email and click the attachment.

If you found some repositories on the Internet, just click a link to a repository that you want to download.

Step 3: Choose BattleScribe To Open The Link Or Email Attachment

When prompted, choose BattleScribe as the app with which to open the link or email attachment.

Step 4: Wait For The Data Files To Download

BattleScribe will launch and begin downloading the data files from the repository. This may take a few minutes depending on how many data files there are to download, and how fast your internet connection is. Once it's finished you will be returned to the BattleScribe home screen.

Step 5: Create An Army List

You're ready to go! Click the Create roster button to start creating an army list. Repeat steps 2 to 4 to add as many repositories as you want.


Share Your Data With Friends

Now you have set up your repositories and downloaded your data files, you can help out a friend by emailing them your data as a repository file.

  1. Click Share BattleScribe on the BattleScribe home screen.
  2. Click More...
  3. Click Yes to include your data files as an email attachment.

If prompted, choose your email app to send your data with. Enter one or more recipients, send the email and you're all done!

It's Not Working!

On Android, it seems that some web browsers do not offer to open the link in BattleScribe (particularly on Samsung and HTC devices). Instead it just shows you a page of random text. This appears to be a bug in these browsers that I have no control over.

To work around this, when you are looking at the page of random text, go to your web browser's menu and choose to share the page (this is slightly different on each browser). You should be able to choose BattleScribe to open the link with, which will launch the app and import the data.

More Help

For more detailed help on how to use BattleScribe and how to create and share your own data files, take a look at the Help Overview page.