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BattleScribe 2.0

Please remember that BattleScribe 2.0 is now available. Versions 1.15.xx and below are no longer supported. You can download version 2.0 from the downloads page. You will also be able to find downloads for version 1.15.xx there too, should you want to continue using it.

The following help documentation is for version 1.15.xx. The help documentation for version 2.00 can be found here.

Game System Editor

A game system data file contains overall details for a game system, such as Warhammer 40,000 or Warmachine. This data consists of the categories that entries can come under, and the layout of any profiles in the game system. Game system data files must be saved in the gamesystems folder under the BattleScribe installation folder.

The tree on the left of Game System Editor shows the categories and profile types in the game system. The buttons above the tree allow you to add and remove categories or profile types.

Clicking on a category shows the category panel which allows you to modify it.

Clicking a profile type shows the profile panel. A profile consists of a set of characteristics which can be added, removed and edited from the profile panel.