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BattleScribe is available for a variety of platforms and mobile devices.

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For Mobile

Get BattleScribe for your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Kindle Fire from the appropriate app store.

Apple Appstore

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Kindle Appstore
Apple Appstore

Google Play

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For Desktop & Laptop Computers

Download BattleScribe for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. The Windows Setup version is recommended for Windows users. Mac and Linux users should download the "Any Computer" zip version.

BattleScribe requires Java 7 or above. You can download Java for free from

Windows Setup

Mac Installer

Any Computer Zip
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Zip Version Notes

Simply download the zip file and extract it.

Windows: Double-click RosterEditor.bat to start creating rosters.
Linux: Execute to start creating rosters.

Game System Editor and Catalogue Editor are for creating and editing the supporting data files.

Important: BattleScribe requires Java 7 or above in order to run. If you need to update, or if you are unsure, go to to download the latest version before you continue.